Values Statement

Wharf Chambers is an organisation that prides itself on being led by our values and we work to attain them in our day to day running of the space. We recognise that our values are a work in progress, but we feel that these are the things we are trying to attain.

Wharf Chambers is trying to be a safer space

Wharf Chambers strives towards being a Safer Space for its members and their guests. This means that there is zero tolerance to any form of oppressive, marginalising or aggressive behaviour against our members and their guests. Wharf is committed to challenging these behaviours and empowering our members to answer back to them when the need arises.

Wharf Chambers is trying to be accessible

Wharf Chambers strives to be an accessible space. This means we work to reduce or remove barriers that our members and their guest might experience when they use our space or attend our events. For example, these could be physical barriers such as providing gender neutral toilets or making our spaces accessible to wheelchair users. Or these barriers might be interpersonal, for example we try to be friendly towards and accepting of our guests and their members.

Wharf Chambers is a not for profit organisation

All money that Wharf Chambers makes goes into paying its staff, the upkeep of its building and the purchasing of its stock. Any extra money that Wharf Chambers makes it used to support other similar venues or activism/ projects which are in line with our values. Wharf Chambers strives to keep our prices as low as possible whilst remaining sustainable.

Wharf Chambers does not believe in bosses. But it does believe in respect, cooperation and mutual aid

We all share the responsibility of running Wharf Chambers – we recognise this might be a slow way of doing things but we prefer it to unnecessary hierarchy.

Wharf Chambers tries to be an open platform for its members

Wharf Chambers exists as a place for its members to use in different and creative ways. The members programme all of the events and we try to accommodate as broad a range of our members’ interests and needs as possible. Wharf Chambers is committed to helping its members do it for themselves.

Wharf Chambers tries to be accountable to its members

Wharf Chambers tries to be active in communicating with our members about their experiences and aspirations for the future of the club. We do this by sending out surveys, holding regular members meetings and responding to online forms of communication or conversations in the space. When we receive information about our members’ experiences and aspirations we strive to respond to that information honestly, fairly and promptly.

Wharf Chambers tries to be fun

We believe that at its heart Wharf Chambers is a place which is fun and wants its members to have fun and enjoy themselves. We believe that contributing to the happiness and well-being of our membership helps to make the world a better place for us all.