Upcoming Events

Wharf Chambers is home to a diverse range of events. From gigs and club nights to fundraisers and socials, we’ve been host to craft markets, film screenings, creative workshops and so much more!

Interested in putting on an event?

Please contact bookings@wharfchambers.org

The Universal Veil / Thorn Wych / Dean McPhee

Ritual Instruments from Folklore Tapes' duo The Universal Veil (Sam McLoughlin & David Chatton Barker), a liturgy for Asherah the Holy Mother from experimental musician and instrument builder Thorn Wych and an improvised set of trance guitar/kick drum/bass from Bradford based guitarist Dean McPhee   TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE

Fae Presents: Queer Euphoria!

Fae Presents: Queer Euphoria! is a cabaret featuring live singers and drag artists coming together to celebrate our identities.

Lost Cooker

We're heading over to Wharf Chambers for our first event. We have invited Moova and Balrog to bring their mix of funky breaks and techno to our party. We also have residents, Jake, Pete and DJ Lost Property spinning some bangers for us. We want to bring back the underground atmosphere from the 90s. TICKET […]

Oh Jeremy Corbyn The Big Lie Film Screening

In 2017, with the support of an extraordinary grassroots movement, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn came close to becoming prime minister. The establishment trembled. Britain stood on the threshold of huge political change. But within three years all, it seemed, was lost. What happened and why? And what was the role of current Labour […]


Slime Mold Rodeo

a night celebrating the most lurid and peculiar of leeds’ flamboyant and bizzare DIY queer arts scene - expect drag, noise, comedy and slime akimbo.


Writing Workshops with the Lighthouse Collective

Creative writing workshops held every week. Sign up to be part of a literary writers community! No experience needed just a place to practise and share. Pay as you feel. The sessions at Wharf Chambers from 6pm-8pm on Wednesdays are open to women and queer people only. Another session is held at Hyde Park Book […]


APOSTILLE (Glasgow) Night School Records captain Michael Kasparis peering through the bars of anguish, flailing in a cell of emotions. Kasparis takes on classic 80s Synth Pop, 90s House Music, 00s Trance, wistful balladry, 70s Power Pop...the thread that runs through it all? A boundless and borderline confrontational NRG. MARINA ZISPIN (London/Gateshead)Bianca Scout is a […]

£5 – £8

FREE MUSIC LESSONS – The Globber — James Creed — Anthony Stillabower

5 quid, NOTAFLOF THE GLOBBER - Prolific artist, peer only to famous german happy hardcore artist Scooter. JAMES CREED - Man of mystery, he shot a guitar with nerf guns before, but maybe it's more serious this time ANTHONY STILLABOWER - Nice feedback bits on the cymbals and drums, quiet one so listen up   […]



It's about to get silly, crazy, fast n hard for a second time!! Expect a night of nonstop hardcore, donk, gabba, pc music, nightcore, trance and hard dance. Unserious vibes brought to you by: Royal Tweedy, eleu and bsb TICKETS HERE INSTAGRAM