Upcoming Events

Wharf Chambers is home to a diverse range of events. From gigs and club nights to fundraisers and socials, we’ve been host to craft markets, film screenings, creative workshops and so much more!

Interested in putting on an event?

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Peace Lotus Internationalist Solidarity Day of Anti-War Resistance

Come together to celebrate a day of rememberance: Learn, connect and relax alongside a community of anti-imperialist activists.  Wharf Radical Lending Library invites you to our Gift Sharing Facilitation. In commemoration of Peace Lotus Internationalist Solidarity Day of Anti-War Resistance Day, we will be sharing tools that will help us to organise and facilitate within […]

Space Raiders 02

SPACE RAIDERS is preparing for take off in Wharf Chambers, launching DRAAGS album ‘HEADLINES’ and SR02 zine! Transporting with them intergalactic explorers THIRD KULTURE, MURGATROYD and PACKIN HEAT! Sci-fi theatrics, cosmic genre fusions, a diverse and radical spectacle. PACKIN HEAT- Intergalactic Drag King/Thing duo performing their very first Space Operetta MURGATROYD- Fresh Leeds band melding […]

Cucci Club

A new female night with DJ Girlfriend bringing you RnB, Hip-Hop and the best Afrobeats. It's all good energy and high vibes! This event is strictly no men and is for women, straight, queer, trans and non-binary people. TICKETS HERE  INSTAGRAM

The DAFT! Talent Show

As a special treat, DAFT! Events is bringing you our first ever talent show! If you're avoiding a certain song contest this year but will be missing the comedy, campery, and community that this usually brings you, look no further than The DAFT! Talent Show. We will be donating a portion of our profits to […]

Seven by Seven

Seven by Seven is a friendly open decks vinyl playing session. You can bring along and play us seven of your 7” 45rpm vinyl singles – hence Seven by Seven – or just come and listen to others play. The 7” 45rpm format is the only limitation. We don’t dictate the type of music – […]

Yeah You // Askasong // Sgerbwd

Father/daughter duo Yeah You have been Newcastle darlings of bizarro beato noise + sprechensung but good rambled vocal fury for a long time now. Pappa Wills been cutting his teeth on the ferric front for a lifetime while Freya has carved her own shit as Elvin Brandhi - working with loads of the most experimental […]


The Queer Clinic is a monthly sexual health drop-in service run by Yorkshire MESMAC and hosted at Wharf Chambers on the 3rd Wednesday of every month 5pm – 7:30pm. At this event you can access Sexual Health Screenings, The Gender Outreach Service & Free Sexual Health Resources in an inclusive and non-judgemental environment.  We also […]

Ambient Leeds: Kneezard // Lizard Milke // Conflux Coldwell

Join us at Wharf Chambers and lose yourself in a magical night of immersive music! Kneezard Improvised loops inspired by planetary orbits and tidal energy built up in layers up to create an ethereal sonic landscape. Lizard Milke Ambient and experimental music that puts a focus on sound design, creative manipulation and general waveform mangling […]