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April 6 @ 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Measured Lag bring a mix of electronic acts from the ambient through to the frenetic, all under a very reasonable, inflation busting “pay what you feel model” to maximise accessibility to interesting music for all and prove that liberal economics, really are a drag


Tim Cross 

With pretty much everyone and their cat owning some kind of modular synth rig at home, with polite bubbling arpeggios issuing forth from urban centres across the UK, it’s easy to dismiss modular music as the audio equivalent of the campaign for real ale. However, Tim Cross reminds us that there is genuine gold amongst those forests of patch cables as he brings a lightness of touch to the genre that re-connects us as to why wires and hardware, suitably connected together, can lead us to joyous and hitherto undiscovered musical gateways and soundscapes. 

In turns both bucolic and cosmic, with a proper connection as to how to pace the inherent subtleties in the broad church of the ambient genre during a live performance, Cross breathes new life into those bubbling arpeggios and fireside warm basslines. 






Can we call Ben Eyes (aka Quip) a renaissance man of the digital arts? When he is not working on Arduino multimedia art projects, boshing electronic relays together for the final stages of his PhD or providing live sound production for Nihiloxica,  Ben can usually be found creating a range of varied audio works in his studio in York that encompass a broad range of electronic music styles.

A stalwart of our nights, Ben always produces the goods, and his creative practice falls somewhere between, but often at either end of, experimental and electro/techno, with plenty of electronica flourishes thrown in for good measure to give an interesting flavour to his dancefloor flex.





Our hapless host, Matt Robson, demonstrates that having a complete and total lack of talent in the field of music production isn’t something that will necessarily be mitigated by dogged perseverance; as yet again, he churns out more of his plebeian attempts at a sort of mawkish post-aphex prog-electronica.

Expect the usual drivel from the much maligned “digital saccharine” genre.





Door Policy 

Pay what you feel or pay nothing. It’s up to you.

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Wharf Chambers has a Safe Spaces Agreement in place, which we heartily support.

Our show is welcome to all.

If you are like WTF are these idiots up to and not sure whether or not to give it all a go, have a word with our “door team” *ahem* and you can pop in for five and see if it all works for you.


April 6
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm